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The Top 5 Binary Signals Providers


Binary Signals are an important aspect of binary option trading sector. Binary signals are notifications or messages that are sent to the investors from the sellers regarding the trading prospects. When an investor intends to trade using binary signal options, then it is mandatory for him to own an account where he would store all the information about his trading details. The investor receives notifications of his invested sticks through binary signals in his account which helps him to analyze the market conditions. He is then equipped to make necessary decisions as of how he wants to proceed with the stocks he owns. The binary signals can be used to dispose the stocks that are predicted to show a decline.


Binary signals come into picture only after the purchase for the investment is made. In the recent times, we see a steady rise in the software for usage of binary signals and trading. There are a number of providers that help the investor in gathering the needed information. As the number of the investors sees an incline there is also a need for the other improvements to be made in the industry.

Binary options trading is a very profit generating business but at the same time, it involves a large amount of risk factor. If the investor is not knowledgeable in the binary signals or if he doesn’t know how to follow and use, then he can incur loss. Having said that, binary signals are very simple and easy to learn and follow. Even amateurs can make lot of profits from binary signals.


Before we look into the top binary signal providers we need know the methods of differentiation from one signal provider and another. There are certain criteria’s that can help in finding out the best binary signal providers. They are:

  • Rate of Success: Rate of success is defined as the how far are the signals received from the provider correct and accurate. This is a very important factor as the investor will chart-out his plan based on the time and information received

  • The amount of binary signals they transmit per day to the customer

  • The cost of the service

  • Preliminary testing trail offered

Usually, the binary signal providers always quote a winning success rate of about 80%. But it depends on the customer to have his hands tried on different service providers to get a fair idea of what they are and how they work. Check on the trial period and then decide on the final provider that you would like to subscribe.

In our days trading online is associated with  a lot of binary scam signals and traders should know how to avoid them.

Based on the internet research some of the top binary signal providers are given below.

  • SignalHive

  • John Anthony

  • Binary Options Pro Signals

  • Winning Binary Signals

  • Quadra Signals