The Top 5 Binary Signals Providers


Binary Signals are an important aspect of binary option trading sector. Binary signals are notifications or messages that are sent to the investors from the sellers regarding the trading prospects. When an investor intends to trade using binary signal options, then it is mandatory for him to own an account where he would store all the information about his trading details. The investor receives notifications of his invested sticks through binary signals in his account which helps him to analyze the market conditions. He is then equipped to make necessary decisions as of how he wants to proceed with the stocks he owns. The binary signals can be used to dispose the stocks that are predicted to show a decline.


Binary signals come into picture only after the purchase for the investment is made. In the recent times, we see a steady rise in the software for usage of binary signals and trading. There are a number of providers that help the investor in gathering the needed information. As the number of the investors sees an incline there is also a need for the other improvements to be made in the industry.

Binary options trading is a very profit generating business but at the same time, it involves a large amount of risk factor. If the investor is not knowledgeable in the binary signals or if he doesn’t know how to follow and use, then he can incur loss. Having said that, binary signals are very simple and easy to learn and follow. Even amateurs can make lot of profits from binary signals.


Before we look into the top binary signal providers we need know the methods of differentiation from one signal provider and another. There are certain criteria’s that can help in finding out the best binary signal providers. They are:

  • Rate of Success: Rate of success is defined as the how far are the signals received from the provider correct and accurate. This is a very important factor as the investor will chart-out his plan based on the time and information received

  • The amount of binary signals they transmit per day to the customer

  • The cost of the service

  • Preliminary testing trail offered

Usually, the binary signal providers always quote a winning success rate of about 80%. But it depends on the customer to have his hands tried on different service providers to get a fair idea of what they are and how they work. Check on the trial period and then decide on the final provider that you would like to subscribe.

In our days trading online is associated with  a lot of binary scam signals and traders should know how to avoid them.

Based on the internet research some of the top binary signal providers are given below.

  • SignalHive

  • John Anthony

  • Binary Options Pro Signals

  • Winning Binary Signals

  • Quadra Signals


Are Binary Option Signals A Boon Or Bane


Binary option signals are the mode of communication for traders to know about the market conditions. The traders account receives information about their investment through binary option signals. This allows the trader to have an insight about the market condition. He can then decide about the investments he has made in the markets. To discuss if these binary option signals are a boon or a bane to the investor we need to check on various factors involved with it. Some examples of these factors are the point from where the binary option signals are sourced in, if the received signals are used correctly and how they are put to use.

On a wider angle, binary option signals can be put into the frame of boon to the investor because the presence of these signals, help the investor in deciding what is good for his stocks. With the help of this information the investor can make profits out of his invested assets in the market. Binary option signals not only help the investor in getting the profit calculation but also help in giving a fair idea if there is going to be a market crash or a decline in the stocks. This hint will help the investor in getting rid of all the stock which he anticipates that it will decline. Sometimes the wrong anticipation can help in the leverage of the right stock i.e. the investors panic and start to dispose-off the stock that would actually not decline in the future.


On the disadvantageous side of the binary option signal, this is the place where the seller of the stock tries to stop the increase in the price of the sold asset or commodity and the investors try to increase the cost of the purchased commodity. Sometimes there are occasions where the investors are on the powerful side of the game which helps in increase of the commodity more and more. And there are occasions where the sellers are more and there are less number of investors where the value of the asset sees a decline.

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Many of the factors leading to the decline in these signals are avoidable as well. One of the major drawback in these signal performance would be the investor not following the signals accurately. Every point on the signal will provide accurate and correct information that is very important and specific to the tricks of the investment trade. If there are any changes made or if the signals are not understood correctly, then the incidental changes in the trade can increase. The only advice to the user of binary option signal would be to learnt how the signals work and how to use them. Before working with the signals, one has to be very through in the working of these signals.

Similarly, the delays in reaching of the signals to the investor is another drawback of these binary signal processing. If the investor is subscribing for the signal features, then he has to receive the updated information from all the zones of the world and not just the place he lives in. Sometimes, it happens that the trader misses out some of the investors which results in crimped customers.


The Business Terms Of Binary Option Trading

Binary Option Trading

The term binary option is a self-explanatory word. Binary in any unit of languages means two choices. Similarly, binary options trading refers to a trading system where there are only two outcomes- all or nothing. The return on investment in binary options trading is always the same:

  • Either the investor is entitled to get some locked amount or a predefined quantity of the assets

  • Or nothing from his/her investment

Only if there is an expiry timeline binary options can be put to use. On the expiration time, if the investment reaches above the assured price, then the investor receives a desired amount of returns. On the contrary, if the investment drop below the assured amount then the investor will not receive anything. Binary option trading involves both gain and loss risk factor.

Before delving further into the topic let’s look into some of the most required terms.

Option: An “option” with relevance to the stock sector means a contract that provides you with an authority to acquire or dispose an item or asset at a certain amount. The acquiring or disposal is done at a specific predefined time in the coming future. There is also an amount set during the process. Option is only a right, it is not a bond or an agreement.

botStrike Price: A strike price is otherwise known as target price. It is the cost at which any deal can be made. It is the price at which an asset or deal can be purchased or disposed by the investor of the deal. Binary option trading differs from normal trading as in the binary form of trading there is always a payment made irrespective of the high and low of the set target price.

CALL Option: To explain “Call” option in easy terms, it is a protection band available to the investor. The call option enables the investor to acquire definite amount of shares for any elemental resource at a predefined price. This predefined price is called as the strike price. This purchase needs to be done before a given date called as the expiration date.

The Call option requirements:

Some of the requisites necessary for the call option are described below.

  1. There has to be a fixed date known as the expiration date when exercising the call option

  2. There has to be a defined price for a call option known as the strike price.

  3. There has to be an elemental resource for purchasing a call option. The resource can be anything ranging from money currency or asset or stock plans.


If you are wondering how the option of purchasing was named call, we will describe how.

In binary option trading, the intention behind naming the option of purchase was set to “Call “because the investor has the ownership of giving out the purchased stock if he senses any change in the invested amount. It only means that the investor has the authority over the deal but there is no commitment of purchase.

PUT Option: The “Put” option is something that is completely unlike the previously discussed “call” option. The put option can be described as the disposal of the acquired resource. It means that the investor can get rid of the purchased stock asset at a defined amount by the determined date. The investor can only dispose a certain amount of his shares of the given security by the date.

The Put option requirements:

Some of the requisites necessary for the put option are described below.

  1. It is essential to have a fixed date termed as the expiration date when a put option is exercised.

  2. Defining a strike price: A defined price has to be set for a put option.

  3. For the put option it is required that the investor presents an asset or an elemental resource. This resource can be anything that has a value. It could be currency or index or commodity

Naming of the option of disposal as Put in binary option trading: The disposal option involved with the selling was named as put because this option gives a sense of freedom to the investor. The investing owner can take away the amount from the invested stock at his own right. In other words, it means that he is free to sell the acquired stock at his own will before the date of expiry.


How an investor performs binary option trading?

If the investor intents to perform binary options trading, then a “Call” or “Put” prediction is required from investor. When the investor assumes that the marketplace where he has invested is going to inflate or increase then he can proceed and buy a “call”. This call option would give him the authority to buy a security asset for a certain set price for a future day. If the investor had made the purchase, then it solely means that in his thought calculation his assets are going to increase in value sometime in the future. Alternatively, if the investor thinks that the market is going to experience a crash or a decline then he can buy in a “put”. The “put” option will enable to gain access to the power where he can dispose or sell his security at a determined amount before the date arrives.

He is anticipating that the price is going to scale down in the coming days than what it is for today. As a known fact, binary option trading for any investor involves predicting the possibilities and then making a choice of result. The investor would need to examine the market before he immerses feet into binary option trading sea. He needs to study the phenomenon of the stocks rising and falling. He has to get his predictions right before he chooses to use the call or put option. To make the fullest out of the trading the investor needs to be smart and intelligent to make the right decision. Binary option trading is very simple when compared to the traditional form of trading. This is because it only needs the investor to know the correct direction for proceeding with the stocks he possesses.


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Hey everyone, I am Rosie Daniels and during the day I work as a nurse in a hospital in New Jersey. As cutbacks have been harsh during the last years, I began trading binary options to increase my income a little bit. This is the space in which I would like to dive further into the trading and investment sphere. Follow me if you would like to learn more.

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